Associate Degree in Film TV and Theatre

Associate Degree in Film TV and Theatre

Associate Degree in Film TV and Theatre the evolution of cinema, television, and theatre as an art form and its technological underpinnings, theoretical foundations, and creative potential, among other facets. With the proliferation of the filmmaking, tv drama production and theatre proforming process, post-production workflow, and distribution channels have all experienced significant changes, necessitating an update to the degree's curriculum.  
The School of Media and Communication Studies educates its students in the art and science of filmmaking, dramatics and performing arts. Students learn everything from camerawork to non-linear editing to visual effects to sound design.  
The School has come a long way. Its graduates are actively shaping the future of Pakistani cinema in fields as diverse as feature films, commercials, film festivals, and music videos. The 4-year degree programme has been carefully designed for undergraduate students who wish to integrate intensive professional training in creative expression; since its beginnings, it has grown to incorporate more contemporary forms of media, such as Video Art, Experimental Cinema and Theatre . Objectives  
• To analyze and break down the narrative structure of film, television and theatre scenes, scripts, and complete projects. This includes both fiction and nonfiction material. 
• Understanding the “language” of film, television and theatre —shot selection, mise-en-scene, lighting, sound, blocking, and editing of scenes, scripts, and complete projects. 
• The practical skills necessary to develop original film, television and theatre projects and scripts. 
• Practical competency in the key elements of film and television production—including directing, camerawork, lighting, audio recording, editing, and producing. 
• The knowledge needed to connect the formal attributes of the project to a particular film, drama and theatre, television and theatre movement or period and to discuss the contributions of the key creative figures of that movement or period. 

Eligibility Criteria:

FA, FSc, ICS, I.Com, DAE with 45% Marks Required

Semester No 1

Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
2 QRMT100 Quantitative Reasoning – I 3
3 CAVE100 Civics and Community Engagement 2
4 SSMC100 Social Media In Current Times 2
5 NSCH100 What is Science 2 + 1
6 IUQN100 Irfan Ul Quran 1
7 MFTT201 Introduction to film, TV and Theatre 3
Total Credit Hours 17

Semester No 2

Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 EXPR100 Expository Writing 3
2 QRMT111 Exploring Quantitative Skills 3
3 ENTR100 Entrepreneurship 2
4 AHBS100 Life and Learning 2
5 AHSS100 The Life of Holy Prophet S.A.W.W 3
6 COMP113 Application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 2 + 1
7 MFTT202 History, Film, TV and Theatre Studies 3
Total Credit Hours 19

Semester No 3

Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 ICOP100 Ideology & Constitution of Pakistan 2
3 MFTT203 Production Techniques-I 3
4 MFTT204 Film Analysis (theory) 3
5 MFTT205 TV (Drama) Analysis (theory) 3
6 MFTT206 Theatre Analysis (theory) 3
7 MFTT207 Acting Skills For Life-I 3
Total Credit Hours 19

Semester No 4

Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 MFTT208 Costume Studio Practicum 3
2 MFTT213 Production Techniques - II 3
3 MFTT300 Lighting & Sound Studio 3
4 MFTT306 Scriptwriting 3
5 MFTT402 Directing 3
6 MFTT304 Filmmaking: Short Film 3
7 INTN401 Internship 3
Total Credit Hours 21
Associate Degree in Film TV and Theatre
Duration 2 Years Years
Total Semester 4
Total Package 280,000
At Admission Time 28,500
Additional Charges at the time of Admission 2,700 *
Examination Fee 3,500
Total Amount (At Admission) 31,200
Installment 29788 * 8
* Additional Charges at the time of Admission
Library Security Fee (Refundable) 2,000
Student Card 200
Library & Magazine Fund 500
Total Additional Charges 2,700

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