Faculty of Islamic Studies


Islamic Studies

The faculty of Islamic Studies & Shariah comprises of School of Islamic Studies. This faculty has a glorious history of offering high-quality education and training in Islamic Studies & Shariah. It provides a beautiful blend of classical learning to bring forth the latent abilities of students and to inculcate in them the qualities of leadership under the towering, scholarly and intellectual figure of the Dean, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir- ul-Qadri. Moreover, the faculty alumni have several responsibilities ranging from teaching and research at various centers of the Idara Minhaj-ul-Quran in America, Europe and the Arab States. Many graduates of the degree, “Shahadat-ul-Aalmiyyah”, recognized by HEC as equivalent to MA Islamic Studies/ MA Arabic, have successfully secured jobs and belong to various prestigious religious and non-profit organizations.

At present, the scholars produced by the University are carrying out various teaching and research assignments in different government and semi-government organizations. Alumni of the faculty are also working in different public sectors like colleges and universities; they are selected through the Public Service Commission and other provincial selection boards. The alumni has also joined various high offices like the Civil Services and the Armed Forces through competitive examinations.