Faculty of Basic Sciences and Mathematics


Basic Sciences and Mathematics

The faculty of Basic Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics imparts education in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Statistics. We aim at providing the best possible facilities in all these subjects. To this end, we are providing proper education and training with an analytical and practical approach in a stimulating intellectual environment. We develop capabilities to meet the challenges of the modern world, and imbue our students with a competitive spirit. The educational experience with us will really be very rewarding for students.

The importance of basic sciences lies in their power to build up professional excellence in different scientific fields. Without a sound knowledge of basic sciences, the professional success, not to mention the professional perfection, is unthinkable. The basic sciences are the precursors to the highly competitive professions of medicine, engineering, computer and a lot of other applied scientific disciplines. The demand for qualified scientists is and will always be on the increase. We emphasize on the acquisition of practical knowledge in the relevant science laboratories. Due emphasis is also given to the theoretical discussions so as to repose confidence and have better understanding of the subject.