School of Library & Information Sciences


Library & Information Sciences

Libraries are important indicators of growth and development. They provide scientific services, fulfil social needs, and help individuals flourish. The 21st century has brought a lot of changes not only in library and information services but also in the roles and expectations of the library and information professionals. To cater to the needs of different diverse organizations, the departments introduced new syllabi and curriculum according to the Higher Education Commission and the international standards. In the beginning. BS-4 years, MLISc., and M.Phil. Programs were offered which are continuously going on successfully. In 2016, Ph.D. program was offered and presently 13 students are enrolled and performing their research work successfully under their supervisors.
Scope of the field (Subjects)
Library and Information science has a very vast scope. The Alumnus have very diverse scope for jobs it different kinds of organizations. Apart from libraries including academic (Schools, Colleges, Universities, Medical Institutions, Technical Institutions) Public libraries, Special Libraries, Research Institutions the scope of career developments are also in the field of archives, Museums, Art Galleries, Cultural complexes, Mass media both print and electronic are available.
Facilities available in the department
Central Lab
Departmental Library
Computer lab
Labs are equipped with the latest computers with fast internet facility
Career Path:

  •  Academic institutions (Universities, Colleges, Schools, Medical, Technical and commercial colleges)
  • Public libraries
  • Museum and archives departments 
  • Media and Mass Communications organizations

Programs Offered