School of Behavioral Sciences


Behavioral Sciences

The School of Behavioral Sciences is a multi-disciplinary academic school of Minhaj University Lahore. It offers an integrated program with a planned curriculum based on the most innovative concept of higher learning. The curriculum seeks to develop individual analytical capabilities and broaden the vision. The school of Behavioral Science enables individuals to build up a healthier citizen, to teach people effectively to manage organizations and support effective participation in society. Students are facilitated with Personality Development Program (life and learning classes) and co-curricular activities are the part of the program. The primary goal is to make our students better human beings, who should not only be cognizant of socio-cultural values but may also contribute to national uplift. School is providing quality education and opportunity of learning as well as contributing to personality development.

Scope of the field
The demand for professionals who have equipped with interdisciplinary knowledge is increasing day by day. This degree is going to open lots of employment opportunities for students and they can get a job either in the public or private sector as well as they can develop entrepreneur skills. Students develop competence in integrating different sources of knowledge within their relevant field. The program provides a chance for professional advancement and practical experiences in a variety of fields.

Facilities available in the School
  • Computer Lab
  • Digital Library
Career Path
Banking Industry
Economic Development Sector
Educational Institution
Foreign Affairs
Marketing Resource firms
Tourism Development

Programs Offered