School of Botany



School of Botany at Minhaj University Lahore known by its traditional excellence in education, research & public engagement & driven to innovate in each of these missions. A student is joining this school will benefit & will stand aloof among their competitors in the open market & will prove to be a proud workforce for the nation’s progress ahead. Minhaj University is dedicated to the proliferation of knowledge in life sciences. 
The School of Botany comprises a very proactive faculty. All the amenities essential for quality education in Botany exists. The faculty is a combination of youth and experienced teaching staff holding full command on the latest techniques of research. Department is fully equipped to meet the challenges of changing and demanding requirements of educational institutions and industries. All latest international facilities are also available to update their knowledge. Courses have been upgraded by focusing on the latest development in various fields, keeping in view the outline proposed by HEC. Department provides a challenging atmosphere for proactive and intelligent students.
The School of Botany vows to produce a youth to live with grace and honour.

Scope of the field (Subjects)

A career in Botany might just be one of the most preferred careers in Pakistan. Some botanists deal with space travel, agriculture, artificial environments, hydroponics and various other interesting areas of research.
Botanists are required by varied organizations ranging from multinationals to research organizations to hospitality and tourism bodies, depending upon their activities. They fit into different roles depending on the activity of the organization and strengthen into senior positions at high salaries.

 Facilities available in the department

  • Two Research laboratories
  • Greenhouse/Net-house 
Career Path:
  • Positions in Education department 
  • Positions in Research & development 
  • Positions in Agriculture department
  • Positions in Parks and Horticulture authority
  • Positions in Forest department
  • Positions in Farms and Nurseries 

Programs Offered