School of Peace and Counter Terrorism Studies


Peace and Counter Terrorism Studies

HOD: Dr. Adeel Irfan

Minhaj University, Lahore has established a new & highly important Department of Peace & Counter Terrorism Studies. The Department offers degrees of M.Phil. , M.Sc. B.S., Certificate and Diploma courses. It is pertinent to mention here that the syllabi has been prepared by keeping in view the syllabi of the modern universities of UK, USA, Russia ,China, Turkey, inter alia. We have highly qualified Ph.D faculty to teach the subjects relating to our syllabus

The graduates holding degree in Peace & Counter Terrorism Studies can get jobs in journalism, Prosecution Agencies, Judiciary, Bar, Policy Making, Foreign Service, International Development Agencies, the United Nations, local NGO's, Law Enforcing & Intelligence Agencies at local & International level.

As far as duration is concerned, it is of 2 years for M. Phil and MSC courses and duration of BS is 4 years whereas duration of Diploma is 6 months. Duration of Certificate is 12 weeks. Certificate courses are of two types:

  • (I) Certificate in Conflict Resolution
  • (II) Certificate in Peace & Counter Terrorism

Programs Offered