Prof. Dr. Rohan Gunaratna views on School of PCTS, MUL

The School of Peace and Counter-Terrorism Studies (PCTS) at Minhaj University Lahore has been developed as an exploring endeavor to introduce multidisciplinary programs in the Counter-Terrorism studies. It is matter of great pride that School of PCTS at Minhaj University Lahore is offering various degree programs like BS, ADP, MPhil degrees from Spring Smester, 2021. Further it is also launching PGD diploma in PCTS, short courses and certifications in relevant field.
Moreover, graduates from the MUL who are currently serving in various security institutions, are contributing to respective fields by their intellectual input obtained from the degree in PCTS. Prof. Dr. Rohan Gunaratna, an International Terrorism Expert on Security Studies and Professor at Nanyang Technology University, Singapore expressed his views on School of PCTS, MUL.