Orientation Session 2019

Minhaj University Lahore keeping its tradition to welcome the new intake of students for Fall (2019) with the motto, ’WE VALUE THE STUDENTS RELATIONSHIP THE MOST’ hosted a welcome lunch and address at Minhaj University on November 2nd (2019).
Dr. Muhammad Aslam Ghauri, Vice-Chancellor in his gesture of welcome expression said, ’Thanks for choosing MUL. The goal of MUL is to assist students to overcome barriers that may prevent students from achieving their academic success and portfolios. As a student, you will have a chance to work alongside outstanding professionals who are accomplished scholars and committed teachers.
Hope you will thrive as an outstanding student at MUL. To seek knowledge is a lifelong pursuit in which it is important to stay curious, reflective and open-minded. Good luck, to your academic journey. Use your opportunities to be the best. You should be proud that you are the part of the most prestigious university’’
Dr. Khurram Shahzad, Director academics in a very concise manner stated to students about the academic obligations to be strictly observed during your stay at university. He laid exclusive emphasis to students about the proxy to maintain at least 75% in classes to which there will be no compromise. He also emblazoned to students about the usage of Campus Management System(CMS) Software that how by the touch of a button through this app you can get all the relevant information about your curriculum, fee structure and happening of the university. He also admonished the students about code of conducts in exams that university is totally intolerant to any unfair means in exams and those failing to comply with the required standard of attendance will not be allowed to sit in exams.
Mr. Zaheer Ahmad, Director Libraries in a thorough manner briefed the students about the latest Digital Technology available at university libraries. He also updated the students about the latest Robotic Library project of the university to be completed by year2020
Mr. Umair Sultan Tipu, the admission manager stated the role of students affairs as one window operation to cater to any issues of students without any hassle and delay.
Major Salman Jahangir(R), Director Administration, advised the students to be ethical in their ways and conducts by bearing proper dress codes, no smoking in university, and not to litter at any cost and avoid any unethical activities. He assured the students the full cooperation of the administration department to make their stay at Minhaj University a delightful experience.
Ms. Ammara Maqsood lecturer of English and Secretary Seekers Club briefed that the basic objective of this club is to promote the extra curricular activities of students within the cultural parameters of Minhaj University Lahore
At the end, students were briefed with the Minhaj University Documentary about environment infrastructure, hierarchy and endeavors of Minhaj University Lahore.