Ayesha Bukhari

Ayesha Bukhari

Senior Lecturer

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  • M.phil , FC College Lahore (2015)
  • BS (Hons), Education University Lahore (2013)
  • FSC , Lahore Board (2008)


  • Hepatoprotective, anti-hemolytic, and anti-radical properties of cold pressed, no solvent, extract of bottle ground fruit
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  • Enhanced selective adsorption capacity of lead (II) from complex wastewater by aminopropyltriethoxysilane-functionalized biochar grafted on the MXene based on anion-synergism Author links open overlay panel
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  • Green Synthesis of Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Using Different Plants Parts for Antimicrobial Activity and Anticancer Activity
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  • Detail review on chemical, physical and green synthesis, classification,characterizations and applications of nanoparticles
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  • Advancement in extraction of metals (Sb and As) from crystal glass by mechanochemical method and recovery of metal using ZnS nanoparticles synthesized from Cassia fistula plant extract
    Journal Name: Materials Today Communications
    Volume # Volume 32,Issue # 103925
  • Removal of Eosin dye from simulated media onto lemon peel-based low cost biosorbent
  • Simultaneous removal of Norfloxacin, Ciprofloxacin, and copper from aqueous solution by chitosan and MXene functionalized graphene oxide ternary composite based on anion-synergistic interaction
    Journal Name: Chemical Engineering
  • Introduction of CdO nanoparticles into graphene and graphene oxide nanosheets for increasing adsorption capacity of Cr from wastewater collected from petroleum refinery
    Journal Name: Arabian Journal of Chemistry
  • Functionalization of chitosan biopolymer using two dimensional metal-organic frameworks and MXene for rapid, efficient, and selective removal of lead (II) and methyl blue from wastewater
  • Highly rapid and efficient removal of heavy metals, heavy rare earth elements, and phenolic compounds using EDTA-cross-linked MXene polymer composite: Adsorption characteristics and mechanisms
  • Synthesis of Fe-THC MOFs and functionalizing MOFs by MXenes for the selective removal of lead(II) ions from wastewater
    Journal Name: RSC advances