AL-Irfan Topics Vol.10 No.5

1 Al-Irfan Vol. 10 No. 5
2 The uniqueness of the ‘philosophy of the self’ in the moral philosophy of Islam
(Shafaqat Ali & Dr. Ali Akbar)
3 Shaykh Ahmad Yahya Munyari and specialized study of his letters
(Nadia Alam)
4 The legal and Islamic perspective of the use of violence against an accused
(Saeed Aziz & Dr. Tahir Masood Qazi)
5 Interfaith harmony and its need and importance in the contemporary era
(M. Azhar Abbasi & M. Pervaiz)
6 The effects of the right to inheritance upon the social life of women
(Mussarat MAlik & Dr. Manzoor Ahmed Al-Azhari)
7 [The Use of Social Media & Responsibilities of Muslim Community]
(M. Iqbal & Dr. Faiz Ullah Baghdadi)
8 The influence of Ibn Rushd upon Western thought and civilisation in the contemporary era
(Abu Al-Hassan Ahmed)
9 The indispensability of accountability for state and social stability
(Dr. M. Taj Din & Dr. Ghulam Hussain)
10 The role of women in the modes of propagation utilised by heavenly religions
(Saba Yousaf & Dr. Adbul Rasheed Qadri)
(Dr. Ahmad Saeed Rashid & Syed Faiz ul Hasan Hamdani)
12 The Concept of Punishment in Islamic Education System and the need and Importance of Punishment in Contemporary Law Sharia’h
(Khalida Farrukh : Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz Hussain)