Message from Dy. Chairman BOG

Dr. Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Qadri

It gives me immense pleasure that Faculty of Social Sciences in collaboration with CRD is publishing first ever bi-annual Research Journal of Social Sciences. It encompasses a rich variety of insightful articles on different social and political topics. Prodigious contributions of the well-known educationists and researchers would go a long way in filling a glaring void in the pursuit of higher education. Their thought-provoking ideas are down-to-earth pragmatic in approach. Higher education without genuine research work leads a nation nowhere. Creative research and innovative thinking are pre-requisite for the shift of academic norms. In the existing educational perspective in our country, what is urgently needed is the genuine shift in our meditative paradigm. The journal, I hope, would serve as a useful forum and on-going platform for the dissemination of knowledge and valuable exchange of ripe and highly informative research findings at the national and international levels.

Before I wind up, I'd like to appreciate the commendable endeavours of the Director Research Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht and his dedicated team of the Advisory Editorial Board who have strained every nerve in launching this research journal in the wake of increasing demands of modern era's phenomenal scenario.