International Journal of Islamic Economics and Governance (IJIEG)


  1. Manuscripts of research articles, research notes, review articles, comments, rejoinders and book reviews should be submitted only in English on "".
  2. Footnotes if any should be numbered sequentially.
  3. Book Reviews should give a description of the contents and a critical evaluation of the book. It should not exceed 3000 words.
  4. Article should be in the range of 4500-6000 words excluding references.
  5. Each author will receive one complimentary copy of IJIEG.
  6. All articles that are submitted will go through a double-blind review process. If the reviewers find that the article has the potential to make a contribution to the above mentioned fields and recommend some updates, the author(s) has to revise and resubmit their article along with a document which addresses (point-by-point) all the issues raised by the reviewers.
  7. The first page of the manuscript should have title of the paper, name(s) of author(s), followed by current affiliation of the author(s) and contact details
  8. Articles submitted must include an abstract of about 150-250 words that summarizes the contents followed by maximum 6 keywords and/or JEL Codes.
  9. Title, abstract, body, citations and references of the article should be in APA 6th style.
    a. Body of the article shall include Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Data Analysis & Discussion and Conclusion
  10. Tables for the main text should be numbered sequentially and mentioned in the body. The title of each table should clearly describe the contents. The source of the table should be given in a footnote immediately below the line at the bottom of the table.
  11. Appendices if any should be numbered sequentially.

Paper Formatting Guidelines

Submission: Formatted paper as per given guidelines can be submitted through our online service at
Title: 14 pts Bold
Author Name: 12 pts Bold
Affiliation: 11 pts Italic
Abstract: Single Paragraph (Min 150-250words)
Paper Length: Formatted as guided (4000-6000 words)
Font: Times New Roman 11pts
Font Color: Black
Line Spacing: Single line space throughout the paper
Indentation: justify
References & In-Text Citations: follow 6th APA Style Guide & use EndNote/Zotero/Mendley for in-text citations and bibliography.

Heading: 12 pts Bold
1. 12 pts Bold
    1.1. 11pts Bold
        1.1.1. 11pts Italic