AL-Irfan Topics Vol.9 No.5

1 Al-Irfan Vol. 9 No. 5
2 Trade cooperation in the Muslim World and apparent obstacles
(M. Afzal & Dr. M. Nawaz Al-Hasna)
3 Imported goods from non-Muslim Countries and Importance of Halal Certification
(Dr. Nouman Nawaz & Hafiz Waqas Khan)
4 Milk in the Prophetic diet and its benefit according to the modern science of nutrition
(Nadia Alam)
5 The literal and legal applications of the word jewellery
(M. Shafique & Dr. Ghulam Hussain)
6 The miracles mentioned in al-Shamama al-Anbariyya min Mawlid Khayr al-Bariyya
(Dr. Ahmed Saeed Rashid & Syed M. Rehan ul Hassan Gillani)
7 History and Evolution of the China of Narration and Transmission
(Dr. Mufti M. Ismail Khan & Dr. M. Taj ud Din)
8 The role of Imam Ghazali in the renaissance of Muslim thought
(Abdul Jabbar Qamar & Dr. Ishtiaque Ahmed Gondal)
9 Priorities/objectives for necessary spending in the Islamic economic system
(Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Al-Zuhra & Dr. Ali Akbar Al-Zuhra)
10 The common and different denominators between al-Ma'arri's Risalah al-Ghufran and Muhammad Iqbal's Risalah al-Khulūd
(M. Iqbal & Dr. Faiz Ullah Al-Baghdadi)
11 Islamic Hijrah Law a Guideline for Modern Law
(Hafiz Zulfiqar Ahmed & M. Musa)