Minhaj Journal of Economics and Organization Science (MJEOS)

MJEOS contributors for vol. 1 no. 1

1 Outsourcing: Theoretical and Practical Aspects
Dr. Hussain Mohi ud din Qadri
2 Impact of Strategic Resources on Earnings of Firm: A study on Personal Goods Sector of Pakistan
Rana Tanveer Hussain
3 Financial Sector Liberalization and Efficiency: Evidence from Pakistan
Muhammad Aslam, Zeeshan Akram
4 Impact of Aesthetically Appealing Packaging on Consumer Buying Behavior: Moderated Effect of Consumer Attitude towards Hedonic Vs. Utilitarian Product Benefit
Muhammad Saleem, Muhammad Ishtiaq
5 Factor’s Macroeconomic Volatility, Debt Intolerance and Economic Policy Implication: A Brief Economic View of Pakistan.
Muhammad Ateeq-ur-Rehman Sajjad Ahmad
6 Impact of Job Burnout on Organizational Commitment of Universities in Lahore, Pakistan.
Zeeshan Abbas, Aisha Kanwal, Javed Iqbal
7 Global Economics, the Muslim World and Global Peace (Global Stability with Acceptable Economic System)
Prof. Dr Bashir Ahmad
8 Role of Islamic Micro Credit Activities of Akhuwat in Poverty Alleviation in District Nowshera
Asad Khan, Dr. Khalid Naveed, Miss Mahnaz Iqbal Yousafzai Kifayat Khan
9 Guidlines for Authors