Welcome to our dynamic and prestigious Faculty of Law - We offer BA-LLB degree that is a recognized gateway for entry to the legal profession, and provides a springboard for a wide range of careers in legal practice and beyond.
A law degree teaches you the concepts, procedures and reasoning underpinning the Pakistani legal system. You`ll also develop a range of transferable skills such as problem solving, analytical thinking, advocacy, negotiation and communication through your training and education.
We help you harness legal experience. You can work under expert supervision with real clients on real cases with a number of senior and respected lawyers of High Court and Supreme Court.  This is a place for the ambitious, those intrigued by big questions and the opportunity to explore answers with thought leaders and innovators whose ideas have real impact. You will be challenged to venture beyond the traditional boundaries of legal education. We offer BA-LLB program in an environment that is collegial and interdisciplinary, and part of one of the Pakistan`s leading research universities.
Our faculty, courses and practicum provides a solid foundation in legal theory while also making it possible to cultivate expertise in any legal specialty our students might choose from economics and business, to science and technology, to international law and public service.

Undergraduate Programs

Degree Duration Program Eligibility
BA-LLB (LAW) 4 Years (8 semesters) (Morning / Evening) F.A. or equivalent / Duration: 5 Years (10 Semesters) / PBC admission criteria and all rules & regulations apply.