“Production is a knack to learn by innate aspiration and creativity and thus sharpening your professionalism in the arena of production venture”. This was stated by fabulous program and documentary. Producer Imran Iqbal while addressing the students of Mass Communication of Minhaj University, Hamdard chowk campus Lahore on Thursday Feb 20th 2014. Producer Imran Iqbal elaborate and well emblazoned. The various techniques, skills and terms of production. He also spotlighted the process of preproduction and in-depth narrated about post production. While folding up his lecture he plied professionally, the various queries put forth by the mass communication novice students. Participants termed this session with producer. Imran Iqbal a thought provoking and providing food for the students of Mass Communication to attain hall mark in this respective field of mass communication.

Repotted by: Bint-e-Naseer
Mass Communication MUL