Minhaj University-Lahore has the honor to organize a One Day International Conference on “Religious Tourism in Pakistan (Socio-Economic and Political Development Process) in the First Week of April-2014 at Hamdard Chowk, Township Campus. Religious Tourism in Pakistan is a multi-dimensional, fastly growing and potential area of work. Public and Private Organizations are increasingly interested in the Economic Impact of Religious Tourism at Local, National and International Level.

Obviously, tourism drives Socio-Economic activities and creates a sizable opportunities of Economic Development along with the Spiritual Blessings and Festivity with the economic transactions between millions and billions of rupees. It creates a larger number of economic activities and social mobilization. Tourism’s economic benefits have made it an industry for a variety of reasons including the sale-purchase, economic transactions and boast to the economy. Community support plays significant role in Religious Tourism. Economic benefits and cost of religious tourism reach to everyone concerned.

Although it is a very significant area of work but not much is done to regularize, channelize and manage this sector in a professional manner. Minhaj University-Lahore has the honor to take an initiative to open new windows of Fresh Air in the Economic spheres of Universities, as the universities are to deal with the research issues of practical life at local, national and international level. We hope this International Conference will not only open new areas of research rather it will go a long way in serving the society at large.

Main Topic of International Conference

Religious Tourism in Pakistan

(Socio-Economic and Political Development Process)

Sub: - Themes of Conference

  1. Commercialization of Religious Tourism in Pakistan
  2. Business and Economic activities surrounding Religious Tourism in Pakistan
  3. Commercialization of Religious Months, Events (including Urs, Places and Festivals)
  4. Media and Marketing for Religious Tourism in Pakistan
  5. Religious Tourism through Ages (Indian sub-continent)
  6. Safety and Security Challenges to Religious Tourism in Pakistan

Proposed Topics

The topics may be dealing with the main theme and sub themes of the Conference. However, it may also include
  1. Developmental Role of Urs, Shrines and other Religious Festivals
  2. Rural Urban Interaction at Urs and Shrines (Religious-Economic and Political Approach
  3. Commercial Activities at Shrines
  4. Commercialization of Religious Festivals (Punjab-Sindh areas of Pakistan and Sindh)

Submission of Abstracts:

  1. Abstracts may reach the undersigned not later than 3rd February, 2014
  2. The Selected Papers from the papers of the Conference will be published in the Research Journal of the University.