VC virtual meeting with the Senior Staff

‘’An ongoing Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a wide-reaching infectious pandemic. Social distancing and hygienic conditions can only make as safe and invulnerable to this natural calamity. Minhaj University Lahore as per the HEC SOPs(COVID 19) is instigating all the counteractive measures to keep the university campus away from the infectious diseases” It was expressed by Dr. Sajid Mehmood Shahzad, vice-chancellor(MUL) on a virtual meeting with the Senior staff of the university.
He further added that Minhaj University on a quotidian basis has been spraying the entire university with Chlorine as per the certified quality spray of WHO. It is a distressing factor that in Pakistan the victims of Corona are at a high stride. All of us must maintain social distance, to stay home with all the preventive measures, and to keep our workplaces by embracing the safety SOPs which is our national bond.
While speaking on the relief in Lock Down, he said that the public at large is taking the precautionary measures for granted. This attitude of the community may lead us to the ditch of catastrophe. It is a matter of mammoth pride for Minhaj University Lahore that during the lockdown and onwards ranking the safety of the students utmost have been pioneer to initiate a fully upgraded Campus Management System for online classes, virtual, webinars and access to the Libraries through Library Resource Center (MUL) resources.
He mentioned that Minhaj University has been whole hog to participate in the Clean Green Pakistan campaign of the government’s State of Art Greenhouses Project which has been restructured to make all the universities lush green