Policy till 6th April 2020

In pursuit of the latest Provincial Government orders to lockdown the province for next 14 days, Minhaj University Lahore will remain closed till 6th April 2020 and all the administration, faculty and non-teaching staff will remain at their home in practicing their social responsibility of social distancing to save the nation.
The university has decided following modus operandi to continue official working adopting ‘work from home’ theory:

  1. All the official communications will be carried out through official email addresses. 
  2. All administrative, faculty and non-teaching staff will work from home.
  3. The heads of the departments will continue supervising their departmental work by facilitating their students and their faculty to ensure the start of ONLINE Classes from 6th April 2020.
  4. The heads of the departments in coordination with Directorate of Academics will complete their pending hiring using ZOOM by 27th March 2020.
  5. The timetables will be finalized and will be forwarded to Directorate of Academics by 27th March 2020 to be uploaded on CMS.
  6. The Examination department will declare their results by 26th March 2020 on CMS.
  7. The faculty members will complete their Course related work such as Weekly Lesson Plans, Books and Lecture Slides working on CMS by 29th March 2020 and will report their progress to the Directorate of Academics.
  8. The clerks of different departments will continue doing their official work under the supervision of their departments from their homes.
  9. The Directorate of Academics will facilitate the departments in the following things:
    1. Hiring of the Faculty
    2. Uploading of Timetables on CMS
  10. Latest Academic Calendar for Spring 2020 will also be prepared by Directorate of Academics for further approval of the Vice Chancellor and notification by the Registrar office.
  11. The Directorate of Academics will ensure the start of ONLINE Classes as per the following schedule.
    1. Morning & Evening Classes                        6th April 2020
    2. Weekend Classes                                       10th April 2020
  12. The Directorate of Academics will be issuing guidelines related to the ONLINE Classes from time to time.
Above are executive orders implemented with immediate effect.

(Col (R) Muhammad Ahmad)