Religion & Social Transformation

Religions have an enormous potential for the transformation of the individual and of society. Religions are not concerned primarily with the afterlife but with a more meaningful and satisfying life in this world. In this course, we will explore a dimension of world religions that is not often highlighted, namely, how religions contribute to the improvement of the lives of people living in the world. Each one of us can benefit from what a religion other than our own has to offer in the way of improving the quality of human life.


  • Religion, Politics and Social Transformation in South Asia
  • Identity Politics: Minorities in South Asia- Case Studies from
  • How Art and Literature Contribute to the Socio-religious Transformation
  • The Role of Women in Socio-Religious Transformation. 
  • The Contribution of Islam towards the Transformation of Society
  • The Islamic Leadership in Social Transformation
  • The Christian Contribution towards the Transformation of Society
  • The Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church
  • Dismantling Oppressive Structures
  • Liberation Theology and Pakistan
  • The Role of Religion in Political Transformation
  • Can Religious Political Parties Promote Democracy?
  • The Diaspora Practice of Sikhism
  • The Transformative Experience of Hindu Resurgence Movements The Roots of Transformation in the Indus Civilization
  • The Contribution of the Semitic Traditions towards Social Transformation 
  • Digital Storytelling and Socio-Religious Transformation
  • Social Transformation through Buddhism and Jainism
  • The Connection between Good Governance and Care for the Environment
  • The Contribution of the Religions towards Protection of the Environment
Final Day: Certificates will be distributed after the last session.

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