Annual Sirat Conference

Minhaj University Lahore’s Seekers Club headed by Ms. Ammara Qadri organized a spiritual congregation (Annual Sirat Conference S.A.W.W).
Dr. Sajid Mehmoud Shahzad, Vice-Chancellor while speaking on the occasion said,’’ Islam has given laws based on the Book of Allah. preached and practiced by the last Messenger of Allah which guarantee the rights of human beings, their life and property, their honor and prestige, security and peace.
The social system based upon these principles has been working successfully until the present times. In these comprehensive principles, the most balanced Divine Guidance is given to mankind is to purify their life and lay the foundation of a healthy, pious and chaste society in which people can live in peace and happiness. These are the distinctive features of the society set up by Prophet Hazarat Muhammad PBUH which provides honor, peace and security to every human being.”
He added,’’ who says Minhajains are not talented. In one of the Arabic declamation contest held at Islamabad December 18th, it is matter pleasure for me to announce here that Mr Attiq-ul- Rehman student of MUL stood first in Pakistan. God willingly, many more will be there from Minhaj University Lahore.’’