Centre of Research and Development (CRD) is primarily meant for the development and promotion of Research in Minhaj University Lahore. The Centre has been active and productive since its very inception. It gives orientations and trainings for the capacity building and enhancement of Research for both the teachers and the students.


CRD provides opportunities of originating fresh ideas of multiple disciplines in the youth and manages the “Dialogue” to encourage intellectual interaction and expressions at the academic forums.  


CRD`s future plans are to expand the area of work in encouraging the inter-student, and student teacher Quantitative Research, for innovative & relevant day to day subjects of great concern. One of CRD`s major goals this year is to hold an international conference at Minhaj University Lahore , under the aegis of the Research faculties.These activities will be held by the educational intellect of various curriculum & journal "GENERAL WELL BEING OF SOCIETY".The conference is an aspiration for the development & promotions of the social thoughts and process.