Drug Invasion, threating the social order and youth

In sequence of series of the campaign against narcotics by the incumbent government, Honorable Shehryar Khan Afridi, Minister for Narcotics Control &Safron along with Brigadier Khalid Mahmood Goraya, Commander Anti-Narcotics Force Punjab made an auspicious visit to Minhaj University Lahore on November 22nd (2019) and delivered an awareness session on topic bearing, ’Drug Invasion, threating the social order and youth.”
The minister said,’’ Pakistan played a significant role by being in the first line  on defence to save the great country from drug menace and in this respect, ANF Jawans offered unmatched sacrifices. The world recognizes our sacrifices and UNODC reports as a witness to this strive of the fact.
The government is determined to make Pakistan drug free zone. We can make no compromise in endeavours for rescuing our youth from the curse of drugs menace. There is a dire need of individual contribution in rooting out the heinous crime of drug trafficking from the society. Punjab is the heart of Pakistan and will not allow the drug mafia to play havoc with the life and future  of youth.”
He added,’’ Synthetic drugs are the catastrophe for our young precious youth. The government is working on new legislation to deal with drug mafia with an iron fist by convicting them with severe punishments irrespective of their status, affiliation with any political party or department.
The academia and educationists have to play a major role in creating awareness on Synthetic drugs and with these collective exercises we can protect our youth from the octopus of drug mafia and its usage.
We must realize this fact that only mothers can understand the pain and agony of those mothers whose sons and daughters have become a victim of drugs. The ministry has launched a mobile phone application to spread awareness on drugs and to pinpoint the culprits. The state of Pakistan would take care of drug-affected patients and would provide rehabilitation facilities and ensure to make them productive citizens.’’
He concluded,’’ let us not hate the drug affected but condemn the drug traffickers and I appeal to the youth of the nation to unite against the drug mafia and make the drug peddlers horrible examples. Eventually, no one even dares to get involved in the gruesome business of drugs.”
Brigadier Khalid Mahmoud Goraya, commander Anti-Narcotics Force Punjab, ’Drugs addicts have miserable future and it is our collective responsibility especially the youth to eradicate this menace of narcotics from the society and educational institutes.
The usage of drugs is an issue of National Security. Pakistan is the victim of regional production of poppy seeds in Afganistan. This we are tracking down by ceasing its flow from Afgan border and by establishing the police check posts and regional directorates to strictly monitor the drug trade routes.’’
He advised the students to pinpoint the people involved in the business of illicit drugs and playing havoc with the lives of youth.
Dr. Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Qadri, deputy chairman BOG- MUL held in high esteem the visit of the minister, Brigadier Khalid Mahmood Goraya and the spirit of the Prime Minister Imran khans's government ,and the landmarks efforts of Anti-Narcotics Force of Punjab to take drastic steps against the use of drugs and to make Pakistan a drug free zone.
He suggested to the minister to make reforms in police culture and thus establishing the confidence of the public in the police. He ensured the minister that Minhaj University is always there to serve the noble cause of combating the drug abuse shoulder to shoulder with the government.
The students and the participants welcomed the initiatives of the Minister and Anti-Narcotics task force efforts and ensured the Ministry and ANF their full support in their mission to make Pakistan symbolic country free for drug abuse.