Halal Block Chain

Minhaj University The School of Food & Nutrition in collaboration with Minhaj Halal Certification organized a Seminar on the topics bearing: GREEN PAKISTAN, PROCESS WASTE MANAGEMENT IN DAIRY WATER, FOOD INDUSTRY, CAREER COUNSELLING &BLOCK CHAIN INDUSTRY (8.II.2019)
Dr. Rizwan Khan, CEO DGRA Global Association LLC(USA),while elaboration the concept of Making Smarter Solutions for Smarter Business, Globally said,’’ it is an age of technology and usage of BlockChain software is the panacea to tackle the lacunas of Halal Food products.
Halal supply chains have inherent problems or flaws in traceability and organizing products recalls and warehousing. It is the Halal blockchain which combines the distributed ledger technology with smarts contracts. The main objectives achieved by Halal block Chains are reliable Data and trust of Halal Block Chains. Halal blockchain ought to relevant both for Muslims and Non-Muslims. The BlockChain database is safe, open and variable without a central operator in an attractive proposition to embed trust and authenticity for halal food cosmetics, home care and pharmaceuticals. In fact, harmonizing of Halal Supply Chain standards in different countries will be essentials in the coming years to better support halal industries and their global supply chain and sensitivity of Muslims Consumers towards halal products.
Mr. Asghar Ali, technical Head of quality of Abrar Water factory, Saudi Arabia stated,’’ We must work on green Pakistan projects to avoid changing climate patterns which may turn a formidable threat to dwellers. We must make excessive use of technology to save data leading to less use of papers and cutting of trees,”
Talking of dairy industry,’’ during the last few decades, the dairy sector is confronting substantive changes with major intensifications, scaling up and efficiency of production driven by demand from a growing human population. There is always room for improvement when it comes to milk quality and small steps taken today can reap rewards tomorrow through newfangled ways than the primitive ways.’’
Stating about the food industry, ’’food production today is complex. It requires detailed control of plant operation from the reception and processing of raw material to the packaging and distribution of finished products. This control is only possible through automation and information solutions.’’
Lastly briefing about the career counselling, ‘’having lived working in different countries, over the years, I have been asked by the people about what brought me to specific country or specific job, as per my experience, build up your dreams, put in writing your missions and goals, believe in yourself, increase your skill to gain more experience, never stop learning, always move forward, sharpen your interpersonal skills, Explore possible career tracks and build a strong network leading to your promising future with the global community.”