School of Mathematics



Mathematics is one of the important fields of study among all the Basic Sciences. The main purpose for studying mathematics, at advanced level, is as follows:-

  • To acquire skill in numerical and symbolic manipulation with application to Business and Scientific fields.
  • To apply logical thinking and quantitative thinking to problem solving in various settings. To appreciate Mathematics & Statistics as creative human Endeavour.
  • To have the knowledge and skills to succeed in academic achievements with the highest standards of professionalism. With excellent higher qualification and specialization, one can have career opportunities in teaching, scientific research and other professional openings.

In view of the above objectives BS (4-years) degree program in Mathematics, equivalent to M.Sc has been started at the Minhaj University Lahore. The new system will enable the students for higher studies leading to MS degree (equivalent to M.Phil) and Ph.D Program.

Further, we offer M.Sc Mathematics courses of study for students who have passed B.Sc (Pass) degree. It is a two years (4-semester) course. The courses of study are the same as for 3rd & 4th years of BS (4-years) Program. Next, we offer M.Phil Program for Master students who have passed BS (4-years) or M.Sc.

Programs Offered