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Shaykh-ul-Islām Scholarship

This scholarship is offered for new intake of Undergraduate students, through a competitive exam held annually in December/January on a specified date duly notified and announced by the University well before the exam.

The percentage of scholarships depends on the applicant’s composite marks, such as;

  • 20% for securing 70% < 80% composite marks
  • 40% for securing 80% < 90% composite marks
  • 70% for securing 90% < 94% composite marks
  • 100% for securing 95% or higher composite marks


  • Application forms can be downloaded from CMS or MUL Website.
  • Fill out the form as required and also attach the necessary documents.
  • Submit the complete application to the Admissions Office.

Rules & Policies

  • Applicants must earn at least 70% marks in the competitive exam
  • Marks obtained in the ‘intermediate exam’ and ‘Competitive Exam’ shall be considered for the calculation of ‘Composite Marks’.
  • Depending upon the number of scholarships available for the session and the specific department, a good number of students will be awarded this scholarship.
  • Scholarships will be distributed in the departments based on the influx of students.
  • The scholarship will cover the initial two semesters, in which the student will have to earn a minimum of 3.50 CGPA. It will continue to cover the next semesters if the student maintains the CGPA.
  • In case the CGPA falls below 3.50, the scholarship will be withdrawn and the student will have to pay his/her normal fees. The scholarship will resume if the student regains the required CGPA.
Criteria / Condition Fee Exempted
The applicant must have secured the following percentage in their intermediate or equivalent exams 70% for sciences
60% for non-sciences
Students with 85% and above in any Board/University Examination except MUL 50% Tuition Fee
Students with 80% to 84% any Board/University Examination except MUL 25% Tuition Fee
Students with 70% to 79% any Board/University Examination except MUL 10% Tuition Fee
MUL Student when obtain CGPA 3.8 in a Semester 10% Tuition Fee for one semester only
MUL Student when obtain CGPA 3.9 in a Semester 15% Tuition Fee for one semester only
MUL Student when obtain CGPA 4.0 in a Semester 20% Tuition Fee for one semester only
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Merit-Based Scholarship

The award of this scholarship is based on the performance of the last certificate/degree completed (relevant to the admission criteria only).

The scholarship is awarded as per the criteria listed below:

Criteria Scholarship(% of Tuition Fees)
Top 5 position holders in any Board 100%
Securing 85% OR above in any Board/University 50%
Securing 75% < 85% in any Board/ University 25%
Securing 65% < 75% in any Board/University 10%

This scholarship will be initially awarded for the first 2 semesters ONLY, and to keep receiving it, the student must maintain a minimum of 3.00 CGPA.

Semester CGPA-Based Scholarship

This scholarship is based on the student’s performance at MUL. It is awarded for the coming semester only and is further extendable to one or more semesters as long as the student maintains the required CGPA.

The criteria and the percentages are given below:

Criteria Scholarship (% of Tuition Fees)
4.00 CGPA 20%
3.90 < 4.00 CGPA 15%
3.70 < 3.90 CGPA 10%

Sports Scholarships

  • 1 - Sports scholarships vary from case to case i.e.;
    • 100% for applicants with national level exposure
    • 50% for applicants with provisional level
    • 05% to 50% of fee concession can be awarded to applicants with club/ district/ regional level exposure.
  • 2 - The Directorate of Sports will conduct the pre-admission selection procedure.
  • 3 - Applicants performing in any of the mentioned below will be considered for this scholarship.
Athletics Rugby Badminton Table Tennis
Basketball Tennis Bodybuilding Tug-of-War
Boxing Volleyball Chess Cricket
Weightlifting Football Wrestling Gymnastics
Handball Taekwondo Hiking Judo
Hockey Wushu Kabaddi Karate
Rifle Shooting Archery

4. Students will be required to maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.00 to continue receiving the scholarship. In case of failing to meet the 3.00 CGPA, student will have to pay at least 50% of the regular tuition fees. The concession will be restored when the student improves their grades to 3.00 CGPA.

5. The student will have to represent MUL in all competitions, otherwise, the waiver shall be suspended.

Lump Sum Fee Payment

The total fee package is reduced by 10% for those students who pay their complete fees package at the time of admission.

Organization Based Concession

Category Criteria Scholarship(% of Tuition Fees)
Tehreek Based Son/ Daughter/ Ward of the member with over 5 years of Membership
Son/Daughter/ Ward on member with up to 05 years Membership
Students sponsored by Idara / Tehreek Members or affiliates
Staff Based Staff/Spouse/kids of Minahj Group of Institutions / Secretariat Staff/Spouse/kids of Minahj Group of Institutions / Secretariat 30%
MQI Based Staff members of Mother Body 30%
MES Based Students of Minhaj Education Society (MES) 25%

Miscellaneous Categories

Category Criteria Scholarship (% of Tuition Fees)
Alumni Based Alumni of MUL (Township/ Model Town Campus)
Alumni of Recognized Minhaj Colleges
Kinship Based Two or more siblings studying together (for younger only) 15%
Children of Shuhada Evidence will be required 20%
Financial need Assistance** Disability based
Disability based
Orphan based
Teacher’s child based
05% - 25%
05% - 25%
05% - 25%
05% - 25%
Gilgit-Baltistan Students belonging to Gilgit – Baltistan 25%
Christian Community For Christian Students 25%
Coupon Coupon discount for referral on the first admission challan 5%
Foreign Students Students from other countries (subject to maintaining 3.00 CGPA) 30%
Govt. Officers Students working in Govt. Organizations (Up to BPS 14) 15%
Industry Professionals Individuals serving at Executive Level having at least 8 years’ experience (for FEMS only) 20%

Rules and Regulations to Observe

  • All of the above mentioned Scholarships and Fee Concessions are ONLY applicable to Undergraduate and M.phil student
  • All Scholarships/Concessions, other than Lump Sum Fees Payment, apply to the tuition fees ONLY.
  • A student availing waiver on any one of the Financial Need Assistance cannot apply for another one of the same category.
  • Categories A/B/C/E can be availed with any other category
  • iCategory ‘B’ can be availed with category ‘C’ and/or G-IV only
  • Applying for more than one subcategories within a category is NOT allowed.
  • In case a student qualifies for more than one category, the one with the higher percentage shall be considered.
  • It will be imperative for the students availing concessions & scholarships to maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.00 and an attendance of 80%.
  • Concession will be divided equally on all semesters, i.e. on-going and upcoming, however, it will not affect/cover the already passed semesters. Also, it will apply to the fee voucher of the regular semesters only.
  • University reserves the right to revoke the decision to allow concessions/ scholarships if the student does not meet the minimum requirements.